No Deposit Bonuses and Free Cash in Casinos

When signing up to an online-casinos players often receive a welcome bonus. Casinos give away different kinds of bonuses to attract new customers, and to retain existing customers. With a casino bonus, players stay engaged with their favorite game for longer, which generates income for the casino, while potentially increasing the customer’s chances of winning. Bonuses give the impression of generosity.

What are the Advantages for Casinos and Customers?

With a casino bonus, players stay engaged and play for longer. This benefits the online casino because their income will be increased if the player loses. A lot of bonuses require that an initial deposit is made, but some online casinos offer free cash bonuses or no-deposit bonuses when a player first signs up. Players benefit greatly from these bonuses, as they are able to test a game, without an initial deposit. They also tend to stay engaged in the game for longer, while still staying within their budget. Customers’ chances of winning are increased.

No Deposit Bonuses and Safe Gambling

When signing up to a casino that offers free no-deposit bonuses, players usually get to choose their bonus. It is important to read the terms and conditions and check any online reviews, before joining an online casino, as even free no-deposit bonuses sometimes come with conditions attached to them. Most online casinos are safe and secure and are overseen by a gaming authority. They have usually also been tested, ranked and reviewed by customers online.

Common Types of Free No-Deposit Bonuses

The most common type of bonus that online casinos offer is Free Casino Money. Players need to be aware of casinos, where the bonus is too generous, as they are often not reputable and any winnings might take months to reach a player’s account or even never show up. Another kind of no-deposit bonus that is often offered is Free Spins.

How do no deposit bonuses work

At most online casinos that offer free bonuses, these come as a small free cash bonus or as free spins. Although these are not free to the casino, as they purchase them from the games provider, they bring in business by attracting customers. It’s just like paying for advertising. Players have the opportunity to try a few games and explore the site without any financial pressure. This makes most players feel welcome and they stay for more.

What are Wagering Requirements

At most online casinos players can withdraw the cash they make out of free bonuses immediately, unlike with bonuses that have so called ‘wagering requirements’ attached to them. These dictate how many times the bonus has to be played before winnings can be withdrawn. This requires the player to invest their own money. Wagering requirements are specified by a multiplier. For example, if you are given a £5 bonus with a 10x multiplier as a wagering requirement, you will be able to withdraw any winnings after you have played your bonus ten times and invested £50.

Withdrawing Winnings without Wagering Requirements

Because of wagering requirements players often decide to play without a bonus. Without a bonus, winnings can generally be withdrawn at any chosen time, without any requirements or conditions. This is the case for free no-deposit bonuses. They have proven to be the most successful bonuses for winning and retaining customers.